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10 years' glorious accomplishments


10 years' glorious accomplishments

Today, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Healthgen Biotech. Let’s cherish the precious time and wish her a Happy Birthday. Previous hard work has turned into today's hope, while today's belief will turn into glorious future. Thanks for ten years’ public concern, support and trust. It is you who has made us glory and achievents. Hopefully, working with you hand in hand, Healthgen Biotech will write a new chapter of glorious success.

In 2009, we obtained the permit to field trail of transgenic rice from Ministry of Agriculture. We obtained the transgenic rice line highly expressing recombinant human lactoferrin (OsrLF) and recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-1(OsrIGF-1). We accomplished the first round of investment from Angel Investment. The State-of the-Art platform (OryzHiExp) has been recognized by Scientific and technological Achievement Appraisal of Hubei Province government. 

From research and development to new drugs, it has took 11 years for Dr.Yang. Meanwile, as a professor and doctoral tutor of Wuhan University Life Sciences college, Dr.Yang has established Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Corp.,which mainly specialized in manufacturing, developing and marketing various of recombinant albumins products.

Dr.Yang has overcomed many unthinkable business startup difficulties, such as technology receptance, financing, and so on. With the support from government, su ch as “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “100-Talent Programme” and “Optical valley 3551 talent program”, Dr.Yang has get many funding help from the country. Wuhan government provided him with special office space and laboratories, which exempted his worries.  

In 2012, OsrAAT and OsrbFGF have formally entered the market. Optimized purification precessing protocol of OrsHSA met the requirements for intravenous administration. The State-of the-Art platform (OryzHiExp) won the first prize of Science and Technology Invention Award from Hubei Province government.

In 2013, OsrLF and OsrIGF-1 have launched consecutively. We accomplished non-clinical trail of OsrHSA. The State-of the-Art platform (OryzHiExp) won the second prize of National Science and Technology Invention Award.

The transgenic rice obtained a permit for large scale production in field trial. Accomplished shareholding structure reform and became “Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Corp.” A GMP compliance manufacturing of OsrHSAwith annual production capacity of 1 ton has operated.

In 2015, the stock of Healthgen Biotech has entered Agency Share Transfer System through National Equities Exchange and Quotations. OsrHSA as a pharmaceutical accessory was registed in FDA and obtained Drugs Mater File(DMF) registered number (029648). A clinical trail application of OsrHSA as new drug has been submitted by to CFDA.

In 2016, two new product lines have holden the attention from industry. The “33 “ facial mask and “TangYue” hypoglycemic products have attened in the market and earned worldwide acclaim. And we have started preparations for the annual production capacity of 30 tons of OsrHSA GMP level production line.

In this decade, basing on characteristic of plant deriving system, the State-of the-Art platform (OryzHiExp) and protein purification platform, Healthgen Biotech has extended 5 key business areas, biopharmaceutics, biomed, health care, skin care and cosmetic and technology research and development. We overcame numerous difficulties and made solid progress in this decade.