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“Tangyue” natural hypoglycemic functional granular food


In 2016, Healthgen Biotechnology launched a new product “Tangyue” natural hypoglycemic functional granular food, which can inhibit the increase of blood glucose. This product is researched, developed and marketed based on the need of diabetes mellitus group in China. The main ingredient of “Tangyue” is wheat active peptide, which is derived form wheat and distracted by the State-of-the-Art platform called OryzHiExp. It can effectively inhibit glycogen absorption so as to lower the blood glucose. “Tangyue” advocate a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, which help diabetics to stay away from the hyperglycemia and alleviate troubles and worries.

Targeting group:
1. After treatment with other drugs, blood glucose is still unstable or unideal for diabetics with type 2 diabetes.
2. Diabetics with typical symptoms of diabetes mellitus, such as drinking more, eating more, frequent micturition, and peaked.
3. After a variety of treatment methods, the blood glucose still can not be effectively regulated for diabetics who can only be treated with injection of insulin.
4. Diabetics caused by kidney disease, coronary heart disease, numbness of the lower limbs, skin itching, blurred vision and so on.
5. People who need nurtion.


Key Advantages:
Safe: Derived from wheat, without any hormone or chemical ingredients. No side effects. Safe and Nutritional supplements.
Effective: Taking with meal. Inhibit the absorption of starch and lower the blood glucose effectively after meal.
Stability: Regulate blood glucose stably and no worries about hypoglycemia.
Persistence: long-term use of it may help diabetics to increase the possibility of insulin withdrawal.