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OsrHSA, Recombinant Human Serum Albumin(Medium Grade)

OsrHSA, Recombinant Human Serum Albumin(Medium Grade)


Source: Rice Grain (Oryza Sativa)


Catalog No: HYC002M01 



Human serum albumin is the most abundant protein in human plasma. It can transport hormones, lipids and other molecules and maintain osmotic pressure. OsrHSA is a recombinant human serum albumin derived from rice grains, which provides an excellent solution for animal free medium. Compared to FBS, pHSA and BSA, OsrHSA has higher purity and excellent batch consistency. Meanwhile, OsrHSA is widely used as excipient, stabilizer and embedding agent in bio-pharmaceutical applications.


Physical Appearance: Off-white to light beige lyophilized powder 


Formulation: It is lyophilized with saline.


Purity: More than 99% as determined by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analysis.


Endotoxin: Less than 0.125EU/mg



Mammalian cell culture

Vaccine manufacture and formulation

In vivo/vitro diagnostics

Cryopreservation of cell

Coating of medical devices

Cosmetic usage


Storage and Handling:

Stored at temperatures 2-8 for 4 years. For lyophilized powder, it is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized OsrHSA in sterile PBS. Upon reconstitution OsrHSA should be stored below -20. Use as soon as possible after opening. Please avoid freeze-thaw cycles



Batches consistency of seven batches of OsrHSA. It presentes in SDS­PAGE and visualized by silver staining, showing a single band at 66.5kDa.

2. Comparison with commercial rHSA

Compared with the commercial rHSA, OsrHSA has no degraddation fragment and fewer polymers.


3. OsrHSA keeps iPS cells in an undifferentiated state

The immunofluorescent staining showed OsrHSA was effective in keeping undifferentiation and keeping viability of iPS cells.


4. Performance of OsrHSA in promoting cell growth and antibody production

The promotion of cell growth was comparable to that of CHO cells on 10% FBS. OsrHSA showed a 20% increase in maximum viability and density compared with pHSA in Vero cells. The titer of antibody (IgG1+κ) measured SP2/0 cells supplemented with OsrHSA was significantly higher than that supplemented with pHSA. 



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