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OsrbFGF, Recombinant Human basic Fibroblast Growth Factor

OsrbFGF, Recombinant Human basic Fibroblast Growth Factor


Source: Rice Grain (Oryza Sativa)


Catalog No. : HYC005M01



Human basic fibroblast growth factor, also known as bFGF, FGF2 or FGF-β, is a member of the fibroblast growth factor family. It is a single-chain polypeptide growth factor that plays a significant role in the process of promoting cell proliferation, inhibiting cell apoptosis, expediting wound healing and inducing angiogenesis. It is also a very potent inducer of DNA synthesis in a variety of cell types from mesoderm and neuroectoderm lineages.


Physical Appearance: White lyophilized powder


Formulation: It is lyophilized with OsrHSA as the stabilizer


Purity: More than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE


Endotoxin: Less than 1EU/μg


Biological Activity:

The ED50 is ≤1ng/ml determined by a cell proliferation assay using Balb/c 3T3, corresponding to a specific activity of ≥1×106 Units/mg.



Mammalian cell culture

Cosmetic and beauty care


Storage and Handling:

Stored at temperatures -20 for at least 12 months. It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized OsrbFGF in sterile water. Use as soon as possible after opening. Please avoid freeze-thaw cycles.



The purity of OsrbFGF is more than 95%, showing a single band in SDS-PAGE.


 2. Bioactivity

OsrbFGF has a higher bioactivity than the commercial rbFGF derived from E.coli.


3. Compared OsrbFGF with rbFGF in MSC culture

The MSCs showed similar proliferation and viability in media containing OsrbFGF vs. the control media (E.coli derived rbFGF), proving excellent batch consistency.  The cell proliferation date showed that OsrbFGF stimulating cell proliferation activity is equivalent to rbFGF (E.coli) for MSCs culture.


4. Compared with OsrbFGF with rbFGF in iPS cell culture

OsrbFGF sample showed almost equal performance for feeder-free culture of iPS cells compared to control rbFGF (E.coli) .


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