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Recruitment-Quality VP or Director


Salary and welfare:

 Over than 800 Thousand (RMB) yearly salary and equity incentive policies, the specific interview.


Position Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the quality management of bio-pharmaceutical production and team management, organization and implementation of quality management;

2. Responsible for the implementation and verification of bio-pharmaceutical production workshop according to GMP and GAP;

3. Responsible for the authorization and release management of the raw materials and finished products;  

4. Responsible for processing, auditing and approval of the investigation and analysis of quality deviation, risk assessment and control, quality review and product tracking;

5. Responsible for auditing and approval of the quality related regulations, schemes, reports and changes;

6. To dock the cFDA or the US FDA regulations filing, monitoring and reporting and other related matters;

7. Responsible for the organization and coordination of the quality license filing, registration application and verification of the cFDA or the US FDA;

8. Responsible for the auditing and implementation of the GMP and GAP related training program.


 Technical Skill Requirements:

1. PhD degree or above in Pharmaceutical engineering or Pharmaceutical analysis or related major, under 55 years old;

2. More than 8 year experience in pharmaceutical production and quality management at overseas pharmaceutical enterprises;

3. Proficient in relevant policies and regulations on the production and quality management of Bio-pharmaceutical in China and the United States;

4. Direct or indirect experience in GMP certification, familiar with ICH and other relevant international regulations;

5. Good professional English reading, writing and speaking ability and communication skills;

6. Good professional quality and moral cultivation, and good dedication;

7. Good communication, organization and coordination, excellent team management ability.


Contact person: Mrs Yi

Tel: +86 027 59403931Ext8007

Email: hr@oryzogen.com

Address: D3-2 No. 666 Gaoxin Avenue, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China